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Transitional Kitchen Cabinets for Your Home

How would you describe your kitchen right now?

A Transitional Kitchen

A transitional kitchen is the new trending kitchen design, because it combines traditional textures with the clean lines of contemporary style. You can even incorporate some modern touches into your transitional kitchen space. One of the best features of transitional kitchens is the non-fussy elements, but the relaxed feel also makes this a popular choice among homeowners like yourself.

Neutral colors are usually the colors of choice in these kitchens, but that doesn’t mean you cannot add a few pops of colorful visual appeal as you are designing the space.

transitional kitchen cabinets
transitional kitchen cabinets

When it comes to finishes, you must pay close attention to your choice of backsplash and countertop. These two things can make or break your design. The fixtures you choose can also have a major impact on the look of your transitional kitchen at the end. We recommend choosing opposites when you are looking at fixtures, because they can add the flair that you are seeking for this space.

Another wonderful way to make a statement in this space is to use proper lighting. We recommend pendant lights or even chandeliers, because there are many that have a traditional feel that also have clean lines with a more modern look.

traditional kitchen cabinets with glass
transitinal kitchen cabinets with open shelves

As you are choosing your transitional kitchen cabinets, you will want to focus on design pieces that speak to you. For example, you may love the look of Shaker cabinets and once you combine those cabinets with other contemporary touches through color, fixtures, and other features, you will have a space that is anything but traditional or contemporary. In fact, the results will be the transitional design you were seeking all along.

When you are choosing your transitional kitchen cabinets, you will want to carefully consider the colors you want in your kitchen. After all, you can choose from grays, whites, and even all types of natural wood colors.

Painted cabinets normally go best with contemporary hardware, while glass knobs or other contemporary hardware is best for those cabinets with a natural wooden design.

One of the best things about transitional kitchen cabinets is you can choose ones that are already made, or you can have them custom made with all the intricate details, or non-details, you desire. While cabinets that are already made are ready when you want them, you will need a little lead time for any cabinet you have custom made. Therefore, you will want to know which types of cabinets you want in your kitchen a couple months prior to the start of any work you are having completed.

Black kitchen cabinet (7).jpg
white kitchen cabinets with an island (4).jpg

Reasons You Should Choose Transitional Kitchen Cabinets for Your Kitchen

There are so many reasons why you should choose transitional kitchen cabinets for your new transitional space. However, one of the main reasons is to prevent this space from looking too traditional, modern, or contemporary. While those three design looks used to be popular, most homeowners like yourself do not want to stick to just one design option in their home or this room.

Plus, transitional cabinets, and kitchens, will allow you to incorporate new elements with older elements in your kitchen, without letting anything look out of place or out of style. This is an excellent way to keep those features you have fallen in love with over the years or incorporate that piece of furniture you just received from your grandmother’s kitchen.

It can be a little scary to consider transitional kitchen cabinets at first, but once you start to see the end result, you will be happy you took the chance with something new in this part of your home.

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Transitional Kitchen Cabinets

While open shelving is an amazing solution in transitional kitchens, not everyone loves this storage concept. If you are one of those people who loves to have all their kitchen items hidden behind closed doors, then you must consider the transitional kitchen cabinet option.

These transitional cabinets are the best way to start your transitional kitchen journey, because they allow you to start with items that can be easily changed. Plus, once you add transitional cabinets to your kitchen, you can start to see the other design elements within this space much easier.

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Learn more about other styles here: transitional kitchens and traditional cabinets,

white kitchen cabinets

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