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Kitchen cabinet refacing

What is cabinet refacing?

Minimum budget that I can work with is $15,000

Kitchen cabinet refacing means that everything is replaced except old cabinets. The typical refacing project includes changing doors, side panels, toe kicks, fillers, and hardware. In some cases, additional kitchen cabinets and/or crown molding might be added. 

When to consider kitchen cabinet refacing option

Kitchen cabinet refacing undoubtedly has many benefits in some situations. It takes less time and money to reface a kitchen than completely renovate it. The refacing process usually takes 2-3 days and you can use the kitchen during the installation. It is also a much less messy job which mean you won`t have to live like on a construction site for two weeks. There are many design options available and you will be able to find one that you like. New hardware like hinges, drawers' slides, and handles are installed with new doors. We can also add light valance and crown moldings - all in all, the sky is the limit.


  • Cost. Why is it less expensive to do kitchen cabinet refacing than complete kitchen renovation?  Well, you don`t have to pay for electrical and plumbing works that might cost $1000 or more. No disposal fees to get rid of the old cabinets. You don`t pay for new cupboards installation. Most likely you would have to replace your quartz or granite countertop if you decide to do a full reno, whereas with refacing you can keep it. The cost of new countertops - that's where you save money with refacing.  


  • Time.  Most custom cabinetmakers and showrooms in Toronto usually have a  lot of orders (if they are any good) and schedule min 2 months ahead. Cabinet refacing option usually can be scheduled in 6 weeks. It is also 2-3 times faster to install new doors and panels than a complete kitchen renovation, which could take 7-15 days.


Unfortunately, not all cabinets are good candidates for refacing. If you have old framed cabinets, it might be tricky to transform it to a high-end kitchen and they might need to be replaced. Damaged cabinets have to be replaced as well. If you would like to change the layout of your kitchen you would need to order a new custom kitchen. But in most cases, is possible to do  kitchen cabinet refacing and completely transform the design and style of your kitchen.

How much does it cost to reface kitchen cabinets?

Kitchen cabinet refacing in toronto.jpg

Usually kitchen refacing cost minimum $15,000 and up to $30,000 (most of the time around $20,000) for a mid size kitchen - not including countertops. Big Kitchen - $25,000-$40,000


Countertops: extra $3,000-10,000, depending on the stone.


Refacing (when done properly) is harder to do than a brand new kitchen. It requires precision and accuracy to measure and install everything correctly. 

The process 

  • Look on Google - Houzz - Instagram - Pinterest -   for an ideal style/color/look/layout for your kitchen.

  • Email a couple of pictures of your kitchen, making sure that all the cabinets are visible


  • In the email, describe what changes you would like to do and what style/color and  what price category (mid or top)  would you prefer for new doors/panels and finishes.


  • I will send you some question (if any) and a rough estimate. If the estimate is close to what you have thought it would cost ballpark, we will move to the next step:

  •  The first meeting is always better to do at the Showroom/Factory because you will be able to see and touch all the materials/finishes I use and also to see for yourself that we are a real business and not a shady contractor. After that we can meet at your place to discuss the project and take measurements.


  • Once approved,  I will send you an invoice for the downpayment.

Next step is the installation 

What I do

  • When doing kitchen cabinet refacing, attention to detail is very important as a lot of things should be properly measured and installed to minimize gaps and improve the overall look of the kitchen


  • The next step is to remove existing doors, side panels, and other things that are going to be replaced.

  • After that, we will install new side panels, crown moldings, fillers, and new wood or MDF doors. 

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing - white shaker custom kitchen with brown floor
Kitchen Cabinet Refacing - old backsplash an gas range wit granite countertop
  • In many cases it is a good idea to remove the bulkhead and extend the cabinets to the ceiling, finishing with crown moldings and/or small glass cabinets, which would give the kitchen a high-end look.


  • Oftentimes, backsplash and countertops replacement is included in a kitchen cabinet refacing project but it really depends on the kitchen cabinets. It doesn't make sense to install a new quartz countertop on the cabinets that will have to be replaced in the near future.

Materials for kitchen cabinet refacing

To make your kitchen unique, Devix Kitchens offers a variety of finishes that can be used in any kitchen cabinet refacing project. By making doors, side panels, and other kitchen parts in our shop in Toronto,  we decrease the waiting time and the total cost of renovation. Moreover, we buy the best paints, lacquers, veneers, and other materials used in our products. We do not cut corners by buying cheap stuff. Screws, hinges, hardware, MDF, plywood, wood, finishes - everything is top of the line.


Kitchen renovation starts by choosing finishes for kitchen cabinets. There are many options available with a different price point that would fit any budget. Generally it ranges in between $15,000 and $30,000 to reface of a house kitchen, not including countertops. You can send me a message to get a quote online. But let's get back to the materials and finishes for cupboards refacing.

We offer two major categories for doors and panels: middle, and high-end.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing -dark blue shaker maple kitchen door

Maple Shaker 

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing - natural oak shaker door - unfinished

Oak Shaker 

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing - grey MDF door with grooves - nice color

MDF shaker

  • The first category - middle priced cabinet doors have many options. It can be matte, semi-gloss, or high-gloss finish. If you like doors with a design like a shaker or raised panel than it would be an MDF door custom lacquered (spray painted with Conversion Varnish or 2K polyurethane) any color you want. Mid priced high-gloss or matte can only be slab doors. There are around 30 colors available. 


  • The second category includes everything else, like wood doors, Italian laminates, nanomaterials, glass laminates, veneers, high-gloss Italian lacquers and much more. Slab doors can be custom laminated with Italian scratch-resistant laminates or veneered with walnut veneer (etc), finished with a clear coat of water or oil-based finish. Glass doors are scratch resistant and easy to clean, can suit a modern interior. Solid wood doors might be a good option for classic interiors, stained or glazed they look gorgeous.

do not use thermofoil (foilwrapped/PVC/vynal, etc) doors 

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing - custom design MDF glazed door , white with gold

MDF glazed 

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing - high-gloss  red green blue doors


Kitchen Cabinet Refacing - raised panel door in our toronto showroom

Raised panel

Are you ready to renovate your space? Call us now.

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Office - 55 Bloor Street East Toronto, ON M4W 1A9

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When doing kitchen cabinet refacing,I install new German soft-closing hinges and soft-closing drawers by Blum. Something called glides, the rails the support drawer boxes can withstand up to 140 pounds of weight and backed by a lifetime manufacturer's warranty. As an option, drawer boxes can be made of solid wood (so-called dovetail drawers), maple or walnut.


It is up to you what to chose but its always a good idea to do a research before starting any kitchen cabinet or renovation project. The cost of cupboard refacing usually is about 40% to 80% of the total kitchen remodel. Why? Because the most expensive part of the kitchen is the doors and panels + hardware, not the cabinets. If you don't` want to spend a lot - consider repainting, it usually doesn't cost a lot - do your research (we do not offer repainting services).

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