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Accessories for Custom kitchen cabinets

Hardware to make your kitchen space more efficient 


Custom kitchen cabinet accesories - nice magic corner for a base cabinet

Magic corner

Makes base corner cabinet more accessible

Custom kitchen cabinet accesories - 2 spice racks in Toronto

Spice rack

Helps organize your spices and other small stuff (like oils and vinegars)  

Custom kitchen cabinet accesories - German recycling center

Recycling center

Keeps you recycling cabinet clean and well organized

Custom kitchen cabinet accesories - solid maple drawer fo a high-end kitchen

Maple drawer

Can be custom made of any heigh  

Custom kitchen cabinet accesories - metal drawer for a modern custom kitchen

Metal  drawer 

Looks great in modern kitchens

Custom kitchen cabinet accesories - solid wood drawer deviders - walnut

Drawer accessories 

Help to organize the drawer space 

When it comes to hardware, there is plenty of stuff to consisted: drawers, pull-outs, organizers; metal or wood;colors;

Garbage recycling center is a must (even if you are not recycling - just to put garbage there). Ideally German, as it works more smoothly than those from China and overall look better. Garbage bins (2 to 5) can be 30-to-90 liters in total, and it could be pretty heavy, therefore it's better to have a more sturdy hardware. 

Spice racks can me made of maple, birch plywood, or metal. They are available in many different sizes from 3" to 20" wide (maybe more - a custom spice rack can be any size), There are options for both lower and upper cabinets. 

Drawers these days are all soft-close but there are different levels of hardware. Basic or more advanced (with push-to-open option) which works more quietly and can withhold loads up  to 80 kilograms. There are many materials available. Depending on the style of your kitchen, you can choose solid wood dovetail drawers, chrome or painted metal, glass, and some other options. Servo-drive is also a nice feature. Metal drawers are only available in certain heights whereas dovetail are custom made and can be any size.

Pull-outs are available in different heights and widths and mostly used in pantry cabinets. Imagine how hard it would be to reach stuff at the back of your 24" deep pantry. Pull-outs can definitely solve this problem - you just pull it out and have access to the entire pantry. The drawback, however, they could be pretty costly: $500-$2000 each. 

Walk-in Closets is not exactly an accessory, but a true enhancement that can help add some much needed space to a kitchen pantry.  When you add a luxury walk in closet to your  kitchen it can transform your space into something truly unique and special 

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