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Face Frames aren't that easy 

One of the  features of inset framed cabinetry is the continues run of cabinets for as long as the job site permits. I would say that is the main distinction of true inset face frame cabinets. Let me explain: 

When there is a space 75" , a proper inset job would be to build 1 face frame cabinet with three 23" wide sections with  1 face frame. Ofc it makes it very difficult  to build, finish, delivery, and install - that's why the extra cost, but it worth it. 

How much face frame kitchen cost?

A midsize  framed kitchen cost around $40,000-$50,000 but depending on the features can go up much higher. 

Frames for  kitchen cabinets 

Here on the picture is a frame that is a separate part and on the other picture the frame is attached to the cabinet. The frame is spray-painted separately. This method of construction is very time consuming and requires exceptional precision and accuracy with 3/32" tolerances. There's no adjustments  for the doors - so everything must be perfect or it won't fit. 

It's not that one is better then the other - it's just 2 completely different styles. 

You can read my resent blog post about frameless vs framed kitchen cabinets.



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Inset Framed Kitchen Cabinets 

face frame kitchen cabinet

What is a Face Frame cabinet

Inset face frame is a style that goes beyond standard classification. It is a different animal. It could be modern/ transitional or classic - depending on the design.

  • It has a face frame

  • The doors are flush (inset) with the frame

  • It takes time to build it


How face frame cabinets built

A face frame kitchen consists of 2 major parts: Cabinetry and face frames. 

A very simplified production schedule would look like that: 

  • First we make the cabinets and install drawer glides, pull-outs etc.

  • Than we make face frames (removable) and attach it temporary to the cabinetry. 

  • After than we make doors and make sure it fits with 3/32 tolerances. 

  • Than everything is disassembled and doors with frames go the the finishing  area. 

  • After everything is spray painted (or stained) all the parts we put together at the shop



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