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The two most popular edge profiles:

  • Square double edge

  • Square miter edge

Quartz Countertops & Backsplash

Countertop fabrication

Although it might seem that it is easy to fabricate and install custom quartz or granite countertop, in fact, it is not. Attention to detail is very important in order to achieve perfect results, such as seamless edge and the exact fit. Some stone as quartzite is a very hard rock and they are much harder to fabricate without proper experience. 

Custom Quartz Countertops - nice granite slab in our shop
Custom Quartz Countertops -  countertop being made in Toronto

Our services

As a part of our kitchen renovation service, we offer granite and quartz countertop fabrication and installation, and I think the most frequent question I was asked is "Should we do quartz or granite?" 


Granite vs Quartz comparison

  • Granite - natural stone, every slab is different ​

  • Quartz - manufactured stone, every slab of a color code is the same.

First, you should decide, what pattern do you like as granite and quartz have completely different colors. You won`t be able to find Perla Venata in quartz catalogs, and you won`t find London Grey in granite catalogs. Cost varies, depending on the color, there are high-end quartz and granite slabs, low-end slabs, and medium-priced slabs. You can find the price of custom quartz kitchen countertops online

Long story short,  instead of doing quartz vs granite comparisons you should pick the color you like because they both are good materials for a countertop - stain-&-scratch-resistant and durable.

Fabrication process 

When a slab is delivered to our shop, we inspect it to make sure that there are no defects and it wasn't damaged, and than load it onto CNC. After running a cut list program, we put all parts on an assembling table.  The two most important parts of custom quartz countertop manufacturing is to make all seams less noticeable or invisible, and according to the measurements. The latter is not that difficult but the former requires attention to detail and solid knowledge and experience of quartz countertop fabrication.

Granite and quartz slabs come in 2 and 3 centimeter thickness, and to make 2-3 inch kitchen countertop, two pieces of stone are glued together to make a thick edge. 

Custom Quartz Countertops - different edge profiles

Mitered edge is a good option for a thicker countertop because it is possible to make it 3-4-5 or more inches. The only drawback is that the edge is more fragile than regular double edge. In most cases you  won`t be able to notice the seam.

Double edge is more sturdy and less expansive because it is easier to fabricate. However, in order to make a perfect seamless joint, the fabricator must be very experienced and focus on quality. Quartz countertops with double "invisible" edge require 2-3 times more hours  than basic edge where you can easily notice the seam. 

The next step is polishing by hand using special tool, and the more meticulously is it done, the better the results.

Lets imagine two scenarios:


  1. An operator have to finish 1-2 countertop  per day.

  2. An operator have to finish 5 countertops  per day.

In which situation the results would be better? 

The same logic applies to everything in construction:

You can't achieve perfect results if you are in a rush - "Quality takes time, excellence a little longer"

By the way, here you can read about our custom kitchen cabinets.

Custom Quartz Countertops - polishing kitchen counter top

Types of stone for kitchen countertops 

  • Natural stone, which once was used only in high-end custom kitchens, is more commonplace today and granite is by far the most popular material for natural-stone countertop. Most granite counters are polished to a glossy sheen, but you can also ask for a honed finish, which is much less shiny and more of a matte sheen.


  • There is a wide range of stone available as countertop material, like granite, quartzite, travertine, marble, and others.


  • For decent custom quartz countertops, the price varies between $75 to over $150 per square foot, depending on the color and complexity of the fabrication.

Custom Quartz Countertops - caesarstone london grey color
Custom Quartz Countertops - calacatta island installed in Toronto with sink
  • Another type of solid surfacing material that’s worth considering is engineered quartz. Caesarstone and Cambria offer a variety of options that’ll meet the needs of trendy homeowners looking for functional materials.


  • Quartz surfaces are non-porous and resistant to stain, scratch, heat and mould. Each slab looks the same, which helps minimize the visible seams that often plague granite countertop installations. 

  • Slabs are fabricated in our Toronto factory into custom countertops with edge profiles that range from simple bevels to bullnose and ogee. They are popular with designers and consumers because they are attractive, durable, easy to clean and cheaper than granite counters. 

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