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Cabinet Contractor Near Markham

A good set of cabinets are arguably the most critical part of any kitchen. Appliances come and go, but cabinets are integral to the structural layout. Their importance makes designing a new kitchen time-consuming and detail-oriented.

If you're thinking about designing a new kitchen for space in Markham, Ontario, Devix Kitchens is your best option. We offer comprehensive design solutions for homeowners looking to transform their kitchen into the ultimate home experience.

Our services

At Devix Kitchens, our services take cabinetry to the next level. We offer custom cabinets in a range of materials and finishes. Choose Devix Kitchens for any of these kitchen cabinetry services.

Custom kitchens

Our custom kitchens are great for those wanting to redesign their kitchen to their specific needs completely. Whether you are struggling with awkward space issues or wish to expand the function of your kitchen, our custom kitchens can provide the perfect solution.

Face frame kitchens

Suppose you are looking to change your kitchen cabinets to a more open-concept or want to change the overlay of your cabinet trim work. Face-framing can help you get the open cabinet look you desire. Face framing cabinets change the appearance of the edge and trim work of the cabinet.

Kitchen cabinet resurfacing

Kitchen cabinet resurfacing is a great way to customize pre-existing cabinetry. If you hope to restore family heirloom cabinets or want to update what you already have, resurfacing can give you those options.

Modern kitchens

A modern kitchen upgrade is a way to redesign your space to a sleek and clean look. This update is perfect for homeowners staging a home for sale and offers any home a luxurious feel. Consider our modern kitchens for a more glamorous aesthetic in the York Region.


We can supply your new kitchen with a wide variety of accessories, from hardware to hinges. Unlike chain stores, we source our accessories on an itemized basis, meaning we will always have an extensive assortment. If you are attempting to create a unique aesthetic and can't find the accessories for your vision, we can locate the items you need.

Kitchen renovations

Along with cabinet refinishing, we also offer a variety of ways to enhance your kitchen. We specialize in whole kitchen renovations and have experience integrating new cabinetry into your upgraded space. So whether you are looking for a way to incorporate new features or need help upgrading your look, Devix Kitchens in Markham can help.


Devix Kitchens For Your Living Space

No matter where you are in the Greater Toronto Area, Devix Kitchens has a design concept for your space. We work with homes of all sizes and excel in creating a cohesive space for the heart of your home. We understand the hassle of kitchen projects and aim to make the experience as seamless as possible. There is no cabinet creation that Devix Kitchen can't complete!

Devix Kitchens is the solution for upscale cabinets and kitchen accessories for all Markham, ON, homes and living spaces. Call us today at 647-953-5316 for a consultation with a cabinet contractor near Markham. 

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