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Apart from custom kitchens we also offer a wide range of services at every step of your kitchen renovation. Whether you're looking for a complete solution or just custom cabinets, you can choose the option that best suits your needs. 

Our service range includes everything from kitchen design and planning to full project management at 25% rate.

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To-do list 

I would suggest to always do your research before hiring a contractor. 

  • Check  Instagram/Houzz  for design ideas.

  • Read about different materials and finishes.

  • Establish goals, budgets, and deadlines.

  • Check reviews and references. 

How much does it cost to do a Kitchen renovation in Toronto

Planning to update your kitchen? I think that the first question you would ask is how much does it cost. There are many variables - same like buying a car. Therefore it is always best to determine how much you would like to spend - you aren't going  to a dealer who sells $20K cars if you are looking for a $50K car and vice versa.

Average Kitchen Renovation Cost in Toronto

 The average renovation cost of a mid sized kitchen with mid-level finishes ranges between $50,000 to $75,000. That's includes custom cabinetry with quartz countertops and basic repairs like HVAC, drywall, minor plumbing and electrical, and project management fees (around 25-30% of the total budget).

Approximate budget pricing for a kitchen reno:

Custom cabinetry: $30,000-$40,000

Countertops and backsplash: $5,000-$20,000 

Construction Labour for a remodeling project is around $150-200 SQFT (gut job)

With some breakdown as follows:

Plumbing and electrical: $2,500-$5,000

Demolition and disposal:  $1,500-5,000

Floors: $10-$20 SQFT

Drywall/paint $2000-$5000

Project management fees: all of the above + 25%

If you are planning a more complex remodel with wall removals and high-end finishes it could go as  high as $100,000 and more.

Permits usually cost around $10,000 but depending on the complexity could be more.

There is no fixed price for kitchen renovation because there are many variations  from protect to project. But the two main things that affect the price are size  (and height! ) of the kitchen  and desired finishes (doors, cabinetry, countertops, etc) - check here for some cabinet features to consider.

Kitchen countertops and backsplash

Kitchen renovation in Oakville

 Stone countertops and backsplash  would be a big part of the your budget. Depending on the stone - it could be around $100-200 per square foot with fabrication and installation. 

There are many important factors like edge profile, total SQFTage, complexity of the installation and fabrication, etc

What Are the Steps in a Kitchen Renovation?

1 - Decide what you would like to do

Think what rooms you want to renovate and what exactly you would like to do . Consider budgeting an extra 10 to 20 percent for unexpected costs that might arise. 

2 - Design stage

This is the most exciting step in the whole process for the customers.

When you just starting your research, check Houzz for design ideas - there are plenty. Check our ideabooks. Make sure you have the time and budget needed to get the work done.

3 - Hire a Contractor

Research and select a contractor  you feel comfortable with . Be sure to sign contracts that help define the scope of work and the process to potentially avoid or resolve any problems

4 - Obtain Permits 

Depending on the work you are planning to do it might be required to get a  building permit  or management approval when renovating  a condo.  

5 - Demolition

Regardless of how big your kitchen upgrade is, there will be demolition involved. Typical demolition will involve removing old countertops,cabinets, and tiles. Depending on the project, walls, popcorn ceiling, bulkhead, or drop ceiling might be removed next.   

6 - Work Behind the Walls

Now, it is the time for work behind walls, under floors, and above ceilings — mainly electrical and plumbing. Add wires for new outlets, switches, appliances, and relocating plumbing pipes if needed.  Next, patch, hang drywall, tape and sand for smooth exterior surfaces.

6 - Drywall 

This dusty stage might take a wile. We will install drywall, tape and sand for smooth exterior finish. After or during that stage we could also fix the existing sub-floor or install new one. 

7 - Painting

Its always better to prime and paint before doing the floor because is very easy to damage and very hard to fix. 

8 - Install Flooring

When all the dirty work is done, its time to do the flooring. The most preferred type  is hardwood or tiles as they last longer and give the kitchen designer look.

9 - Install Cabinets

Now when walls and floors are done, cabinets are typically installed next, with upper cabinets going in before lower ones. This step the major part of the kitchen renovation and take the most of the money out of the budget for entire project.

After cabinets are installed, we can do a template for a countertop, fabricate it, and than install. Its usually takes 3-5 days as countertops have to be custom made and cut for your cabinetry and sink space. 

11 - Appliances

While your countertops is being fabricated, its a good time to bring in and install appliances. 

12 - Plumbing Works

Our  licensed   plumber will connect your sink, dishwasher, fridge, and other appliances that require a water line.  

13 - Backsplash

Tile or quartz backslash can be installed  before or after plumbing, depending on the project, but it doesn't take much time do it. If it is quartz, then it will be templated after the countertop installation and fabrication will take a few days (during which appliances will be installed and plumbing works done) 

14 - Lighting

Our electrician will install new light fixtures, outlets, sockets, and undercabinet lights. Everything is almost done.

15 - Finishing Touches

After final painting, hardware installation,other touch-ups, and clean-up, you will be able to move in into your new place! Very exiting moment :)

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