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4 Kitchen Cabinet Features to Consider When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Making decision is something you must get used to when you tackle a kitchen remodeling project. First, you will need to decide how much remodeling you are going to do. Once you get that figured out, you can then determine which one of the numerous options available to you are perfect for your needs.

One of the places you may find yourself struggling when it comes to your kitchen remodel is your cabinets. There are so many different things you can consider with this particular item. Many people will try to salvage their current cabinets to save money, while others will get rid of what they have and install everything new.

I'm are not saying there is a right or wrong answer to this dilemma. However, we would love to point out a few custom cabinet features that we think you should consider as you are working on remodeling your kitchen.

4 Kitchen Cabinet Features to Consider When Remodeling Your Kitchen

1. Open Shelves

Not many people think open shelves when they are considering custom cabinets. However, you can’t get more custom than these shelves! You can place open shelves wherever you have the space. This means you can take advantage of those two-foot-wide areas where nothing else can fit and place your spices or mason jars filled with candy and other goodies on them. You can also choose to plan open shelves in those five- or six-foot areas up a little higher for those items you do not use as often.

2. Customized Storage

When you walk into your kitchen, what is the first thing you see that bothers you??

If you are like many people, it is clutter.

Well, what if we told you that we can solve that problem by creating customized storage for you?

You can easily utilize this custom cabinet feature in so many different ways. We love utensil bin organizers, roll out drawers that can be filled with dishes or pots and pans, and even tip out trays. You can also install a cabinet drawer to hold all your K-cups or a peg system to hold those important items on the door on the inside. This is also an excellent time to create a place to store all those papers that always seem to collect in this room of the house.

There are dozens of options when it comes to customized storage as a cabinet feature and we can help you install as many of them as you think you will need.

3. Glass Cabinet Doors

As long as you can keep the inside of your cabinets looking nice and neat, we recommend installing glass cabinet doors. This cabinet feature will look amazing in your kitchen, especially if you incorporate lighting on the inside of your cabinets for nighttime. You don’t need to have these glass doors on every one of your cabinets. You can easily choose a few that hold your favorite kitchen items.

We love installing these cabinet doors on top cabinets, while leaving cabinet doors towards the bottom solid. You can choose from many glass types when you consider these cabinet doors, and we guarantee there is an option that will fit your current style. Leaded glass is quite popular, but so is textured glass and mullion glass.

4. Wine Cabinets

As a wine lover, you may have been searching for places to keep all your wine bottles for quite some time now! Well, we have the perfect solution for you with a wine cabinet or two. Many people choose to install a wine cooler in their kitchen, but a wine cabinet is much more practical.

These wine cabinets can be placed wherever you have the space and you are not limited to a specific size or even number of cabinets. That means you can have a wine cabinet on one side of your kitchen that holds twelve wine bottles, while a wine cabinet on the other side holds thirty.

The options for wine cabinets are practically limitless with the exception of the space you have available. Thankfully, there are many tricks we can use that will have us installing this type of custom cabinet feature in areas that appear small, but really are not.

These are four of the custom cabinet features we would love you to consider when you are remodeling your kitchen. There are many other custom cabinet features though and we can go over them all with you as you are planning your kitchen remodel. This will ensure we can squeeze as many as we can into your new space. That way, you won’t need to go without all the benefits these custom cabinet features offer, as you are enjoying the kitchen of your dreams.

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