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White Oak kitchen cabinets

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

White oak kitchen cabinets

is a popular choice - but not traditional oak cabinets: the majority are rift or quarter cut oak veneers on flat doors.

White oak kitchen cabinet
white oak kitchen cabinets

The basics of oak cabinets

Modern kitchens generally have flat (slab) doors and to make those doors, I use Oak veneer - something like that.

White oak kitchen cabinet
White oak kitchen cabinet

Different types of veneer

It could be Flat Cut veneer or Rift (or quarter) cut. Whats the difference?

Flat Cut Veneer showcases a “cathedral” look of annual rings:

oak veneer for kitchen cabinets
oak veneer for kitchen cabinets

This is Flat cut European Oak

Rift (or quarter) has narrow lines with a very straight grain pattern:

white oak veneer for kitchen cabinets
white oak veneer for kitchen cabinets

This is Rift cut White Oak

When I get the veneer, It will be laminated on to sheet boards: MDF, Particle board, or lumbercore boards (not a good option). MDF (premium) and particle board offer great dimensional stability compared to plywood, Plywood is good for cabinets but not for doors because it is not perfectly flat.

white oak kitchen cabinet door

It is possible to make finger pulls or integrated handles to make the look of the kitchen even more modern ( like on the picture above )

Slip shaker doors with white oak veneer and solid wood frame - is also a great option.

White oak kitchen cabinet
White oak kitchen cabinet door - natural finish

The last step is finishing

The door are spray-painted with clear coat of polyurethane Italian paint - which is non-yellowing compared to traditional lacquers. It is also possible to add stain.

Oak Modern Kitchen

White oak kitchen cabinets are a popular choice for a modern kitchen. Many people like Scandinavian look: with natural low sheen finish on white oak. That minimalistic style has become pretty trendy these days. Most of the time there's no hardware but finger pulls and push-to-open devices.

Many High-end interior designers choose white oak veneer for their projects. And depending on the overall style and colors in the house, white oak kitchen can be very different:

  • white oak veneer could be flat cut or rift cut

  • the color of the veneer could lighter or darker depending on the region

  • it could be natural veneer made of real trees

  • Or it could be recon veneer:

it is a special type of veneer that is created using real wood from renewable sources to simulate rare or exotic wood species.

Veneer could be finished with super matt Acrylic finish that gives a very natural look and feel.

  • Veneer could be finished with polyurethane finish that is super durable and comes in different sheens.

  • Veneer could be stained to any color - so you kitchen can be VERY unique and one of a kind.

Finish for white oak kitchen cabinets

We Only use solvent based urethane finishes - same base as high-end car paint - hard as a rock when dry. Waterbase finish is no good for cabinets ( we don't use CV and other inferior products) . Depending on the color, we use superior quality 2k acrylic or polyurethane finish. Its absolutely non toxic and eco friendly Italian paint - the best on the planet.

With a lot of different options:

Some people like super matt finish

Some people like velvet finish

Many people like 20% furniture-look finish

Some like High-gloss veneer

Some people like when the veneer is lighter and some when the veneer is darker

All-in-all - there is a LOT of design options with white oak kitchen cabinets

White oak modern shaker doors

Slim shaker doors is also a popular choice with Toronto Kitchen designers. Shaker white oak doors are solid wood doors, aka 5-piece doors.

White oak kitchen cabinet door
White oak kitchen cabinet door

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