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 Traditional Kitchen Cabinets 

Different styles of traditional kitchens 

What is a traditional kitchen? 

Most of the times it's a kitchen with raised panel (see above) doors, crown moldings, and some wooden  posts or corbels.


As for the color of traditional kitchen cabinets, approximately eighty percent of them are painted and twenty percent are stained. We absolutely love the deep dark brown stains, because they offer a rich feel to any kitchen space, while giving it a traditional look. Plus, you can then add elaborate hardware to create a polished look to your cabinets.

However, you can also choose to go all white with your cabinets and then add pops of color throughout your kitchen in other ways. You can do this with the fabric on chairs or stools or the finishing touches you use with knick-knacks, tablecloths, and even your dishes.


Once your traditional kitchen cabinets are installed, you will love the symmetrical lines and style in your newly remodeled kitchen. To keep those symmetrical lines from blurring, you must remove any furniture that looks more modern or contemporary. Failure to do that will result in your kitchen looking more transitional instead of traditional. If you simply must have those pieces in your kitchen, try replacing them with options that are more traditional. If replacement is not an option, you can always see if you can transform them into a traditional piece with a little help from your contractor.

An island in the middle of your kitchen should have similar cabinets to the ones on your walls. This is where the carved legs and columns can really amp up the traditional look of your new kitchen space. If you cannot have an island, but you have a breakfast area, choose to create those carved legs on your table and the columns on bench seats or even on the walls or rails surrounding the eating area.

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Remodeling Your Kitchen? Consider Installing Traditional Kitchen Cabinets


Kitchen remodels can be a lot of fun, because they allow you to create a kitchen space of your dreams. This means that modern features, transitional features, and traditional features are all possible and you can choose which one you want the most.

If you happen to love the traditional look for your home, there are so many things you can do when you are remodeling your kitchen. One of the best is installing traditional kitchen cabinets. As you are looking at different types of [kitchen cabinets in Toronto, you will recognize the traditional options easily.

Every traditional kitchen cabinet will have features that include raised panel doors or inset doors, crown moldings, corbels, and butt hinges. Traditional kitchen cabinets are available in many different colors and the details can be quite intricate. These features ensure that when the cabinets are installed, the result is elegant, decorative, and inviting.

While you will have a couple different door options for your traditional kitchen cabinets, we recommend choosing the inset doors on face-frame cabinets. These doors create a look of luxury and are actually the doors that offer the most elegant look and visual appeal. You can even use glass for the inset doors in your cabinets for a gilded look that still offers all the traditional style you desire. However, the raised panel doors are nice and may be exactly what you are looking for in your new traditional kitchen.

As for the other features that traditional kitchen cabinets can have, there are many to choose from. For the most traditional look, we recommend adding crown molding around your traditional kitchen cabinets. You can use the crown molding to create unique arches or to simply turn your Shaker or cathedral cabinets into ones that have additional style with a cozier feel.

Wooden island posts and corbels are two features that you will want to definitely consider when you are choosing your traditional kitchen cabinets. However, you can skip those if they do not create the look that you desire. The one traditional kitchen cabinet you should never avoid though is the butt hinges that are on most of these cabinets. These exposed hinges are exactly what traditional kitchen cabinet doors need to give them the traditional look.

As you are working on the last-minute details in a traditional kitchen, you will want to avoid any type of streamlined fixtures and features. This is where you should have fun with details, shapes, and even finishes. We absolutely love the three-piece faucets you can put on a farmhouse sink and don’t forget those pendant lights if you have an island or breakfast area.

In fact, lighting is key in traditional kitchens, well, any kitchen really… But in traditional kitchens, all that light will allow everyone to see the intricate details that you have included throughout the space.

You may feel slightly overwhelmed when you begin looking at traditional kitchen cabinets, especially if you are not sure of what you want. However, we can help you find the ones that are perfect for your new kitchen and then assist you as you put the rest of the finishing touches in place.

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