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Matte Kitchen Cabinets in 2020: Pros & Cons

Updated: Jun 2

Matte finish for kitchen cabinets is very popular for a number of reasons.

For instance, fingerprints, scratches and other imperfections are far less noticeable than on gloss-finish doors. The cabinet finish you choose will create a very different look regardless of the material.

Advantages of matte finish on kitchen cabinets

1. It is trendy. At the moment the interest for the matt finish on kitchen cabinets is growing, and in the design of the kitchen it is bet for the surfaces of this finish, looking for the difference after years of the dominion of the shine.

2. It leaves no traces. Matt materials are more resistant to fingerprints and everyday dirt than glossy ones. Since they reflect little or no light, no imperfections can be seen at first glance and the fingerprints are not marked. Something that does happen with some satin or high gloss. However, as we have already mentioned before, gloss finishes have smoother surface and are easier to clean.

3. Soft to the touch. If one thing is certain, it is that with a matte kitchen we are going to get a pleasant touch and warmth that other finishes don`t have.

4. Elegance. With a matte color we get a unique elegance, a matte kitchen says that the person who lives in that house is careful in details.

5. Not all are the same. As it is also the case with glossy finishes, not all matte surfaces are the same. There are different nanotech materials, laminates, and lacquers, with texture, satin, soft-touch, super matte, and anti-fingerprint finishes.

Kitchen cabinets in matt finish, do not reflect light or reflect little, and one of the benefits is that the fingerprints are less noticeable, than on the high gloss finishes. They are very practical for the day-to-day usage.

They offer us a variety of sophisticated, modern and elegant designs. You can find them in different materials, laminates, lacquers and glass doors in matte colors, with an exceptional quality.

When choosing a kitchen cabinets you can also choose between matte or satin surfaces for countertops.

Caesarstone or Cambria, with many available colors, natural stone, and glass. The interest for the matte finish is growing: this type of countertops are more discreet, as the light does not reflect the imperfections and the marks are visible , the touch is very pleasant and warm. Here are some examples of quartz countertops.

The surface of matte kitchen cabinets either do not reflect the light or reflects it very little, especially supermatte nanotech materials with anti-fingerprint treatment, superior scratch-resistance and the reparability of micro-scratches, that turn the kitchen into a very practical place.

Matte kitchen cabinets usually look more consistent, like a one solid surface due to the low light reflectivity.

There is no reflection of light to make some of the doors look brighter or darker than others. On the kitchen cabinets it gives a simple and opaque appearance, which gives prominence to the other decorative elements. If applied with traditional tools, it conceals the marks of brushstrokes and the texture of the roller, achieving a smooth surface, without scratches or visible marks.

Matte finishes in your kitchen furniture reflect little or no light, so that imperfections are not visible to the naked eye and also not mark the prints as in glossy or satin finishes. If you do not want worries, of daily maintenance of your kitchen furniture, this type of matt finish is a solution and very good alternative when it comes to the final decision, of the furniture.

Disadvantages of the matte finish on kitchen cabinets

Matt finish surfaces absorbs light instead of reflecting it. This gives in a more muted look. You should also bear in mind that, because matt-finish cabinets doors don’t reflect any light, they won’t help to make your space feel any bigger, if that’s what your goal. Might not be a good Idea for a small U-shape condo kitchen. Check high gloss finishes here.

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