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Choosing the Best Hardware for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing the Best Hardware for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Replacing the hardware on your kitchen cabinets, or purchasing hardware for new kitchen cabinets, might be the most difficult decision you make during your kitchen remodel. And by the time you get to this decision, you are most likely going to be done with the decision-making process! 

After all, at this point, you have possibly chosen new flooring, new tiles, a new paint color, new appliances, new cabinets, new lighting, new fixtures, and so much more. Therefore, new hardware for your kitchen cabinets isn’t even going to be on your radar! In fact, you may forget about the hardware completely until your contractor asks you what hardware they will be installing! 

This is when you might simply give up and decide to grab the first thing you see in the store or out of a catalog. But that is the worst thing you can do, because the hardware you choose will make or break the look of your new kitchen. That means you must carefully think before you make such a decision. And making that decision is going to take a lot more time than you think! 

Choosing the Finish of Your New Hardware

The finish of the hardware you choose doesn’t technically need to match the finish on the rest of the fixtures in your kitchen. However, the finish you choose should at least compliment all those other finishes. Coordination is key when completing the finishing touches on your new kitchen. 

Brushed nickel and chrome are two popular hardware finishes in kitchens. However, antique brass is another finish option that has been growing in popularity in recent years. The fact that those three finishes are popular does not mean you need to choose them for your new kitchen. You should never choose a finish, or anything else during a remodel, due to its popularity. We always recommend going with the finish that you know will make your space look amazing at the end. 

Choosing Knobs Versus Pulls

Some people prefer knobs over pulls in their kitchens, while others prefer pulls instead of knobs. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing knobs or pulls when you are picking out your hardware. You may decide that pulls will work better for you and your family. Or you may decide that a combination of knobs and pulls is going to be your best option. 

You may want to check out the ease of using the hardware you like before making your final decision. This will prevent headaches later on when you discover that the knobs or pulls you fell in love with are quite difficult to grasp. We can tell you that most people choose pulls, because they are so much easier to use, especially as people get older. 

We recommend making sure that the knobs or pulls you choose are the correct size for your cabinets. Hardware that is too small will look lost on larger cabinets and drawers, while really large hardware will look terrible and out of place on smaller cabinets. We can help you determine if the hardware you want is the perfect size for your kitchen cabinets. 

Choosing the Style of Your New Hardware

You may be thinking that the style of your new hardware is either pulls or knobs, right?? Well, no. The style of your new hardware is what the specific knob or pull looks like. Some pulls look like straight bars, while the simplest of knobs looks just like a ball. However, you will find knobs and pulls with some very intricate details. Some may even have some twists and turns that you never expected to be available when it came to hardware. 

The style of the hardware you choose will be dependent on the overall style of your kitchen space. Modern kitchens will require hardware with clean straight lines. Classier décor will require the hardware with the intricate details. 

Most of the time, you cannot walk into a store and just grab the hardware that you think will work on your kitchen cabinets. You can try this option, but most likely when you get the hardware home, you will quickly realize it won’t work in your new kitchen. 

Therefore, it is best to either take a cabinet door to the store with you or bring home multiple new hardware options. This will ensure you find the one that works the best in your kitchen without a lot of extra work on your part. 

I can help you find the new hardware that will work best for your kitchen cabinets. This will ensure you have the look that you want when your kitchen remodel is completed. 

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