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Euro Style Kitchen Cabinets

So what Is Euro Style kitchen cabinet?

Euro style cabinets are frameless cabinets style, which originated in Europe - that's why its called European.

Euro style kitchen cabinets

A few typical features of European style cabinets is Clean like between the doors and drawer front - which are also called reveal lines. Normally its 1/8" gaps (or 2-3mm) or vertical and horizontal lines that goes along the doors, panels, drawer fronts, fillers. trim = all the parts of the kitchen has that nice clean lines.

This actually pretty tricky to implement sometimes because everything has to be aligned perfectly for that:

Imagine 30-40 feet of cabinets that must have a clean 1/8 reveal line from start to finish. When done properly it looks amazing.

So the reveal line is the first feature of Euro style cupboards, but there also many others differences. Euro cabinets which are also called frameless cabinets don't have a frame attached to the front of the cabinets - that why it is called FRAMELESS.

This is the important feature of the cabinets that allows for nice clean reveals. Frameless cabinets don't have any frames attached to the front of the carcasses and the cabinet boxes can be joined together without gaps - flush.

This method of attaching the cabinets together by screwing the cabinet sides directly to each other allows it to be flush at the front. And when the doors are installed - they just overlap the cabinet boxes sides which allows for the reveals to be uniform for the cabinets.

Together with European hinges and drawer glides, it create the amazing modern look we create with Euro-Style cabinets.

Another feature of EuroStyle cabinets is Push-to-open hardware and gola profiles

Eurostyle kitchen cabinets with gola profiles

Many people like to Frameless cabinets do be installed without handles. The other methods for opening the doors and drawer fronts is special push-to-open hardware and gola profiles:

What is Gola profile?:

Gola profile is a special profile installed above or in between cabinets doors and drawers. It separate the doors and provide space (1-1/2") for your fingers to go IN BETWEEN the doors, and grab the door to open it by pulling it. It really easy and help to create unit design. Gola profiles can be Metal or Wood, and there's endless color possibilities

Gola profiles can be also used as a feature - for example aluminum or black gola profiles with high-gloss white kitchen? It is a really nice option to create unit look for you kitchen. This is Very common for Stock cabinets Like Scavolini or similar mass production European companies. ( they are not custom! )

Push-to-open hardware

If you don't want to see any gaps between cabinet doors and want clean 1/8 reveals, AND don't like the idea of see hardware - push-to-open is for you!

Euro style cabinets with push to open doors

Push-to-open mechanisms for cabinet doors installed in the side gables of cabinet boxes - behind the doors. We use Blum tip-on mechanism that is installed in every cabinet and its like a spring with a cylinder - we drill the hole in the cabinet side and insert it in the gable.

It is very easy to open the doors: you just push the door and its open : hens push-to-open.

Drawer boxes can also have a push-to-open feature, which a slightly more complex mechanism - cost $75 per drawer box including installation. Works the same as tip-on for doors: you push the drawer front and the drawer rolls out.

The level update for push-to-open doors and drawers would SERVO-DRIVE. Basically, we would install servo motors in every cabinet with a Bluetooth button=activators. When you push you drawer front - the button behind the front is pushed in and the motor is activated and push the drawer box out.

This Feature is a must have for recycling centers, garbage pullouts, magic corners, and other heavy pullouts. Regular tip-on would not be able to push the heavy hardware out.

Flat Fronts - another common feature of Euro cabinets

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