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Toronto’s Modern Kitchens Feature Cabinets with Veneer

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Modern kitchens are the new standard when upgrading a home. The crispness of contemporary design offers effortless sophistication and works for all budgets. Additionally, modern kitchens are a great blank canvas to which to add personal touches.

Achieving the feel of a modern kitchen is possible through cabinets, flooring, and countertops. Consider how a modern kitchen might enhance your home as you make interior selections.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

When designing a kitchen, cabinets are arguably the most crucial element. Cabinets carry the interior theme while performing essential functions. Most modern kitchen cabinets feature a matte or glossy finish.

Matte Kitchen

Matte kitchen cabinets are a staple in modern design. The thick finish gives a blurring effect to smudges and blemishes. In addition, the flatness in matte makes surrounding colours and textures pop, helping to create contrast.

Glossy Kitchen

For a bright modern kitchen, consider veneer cabinets with a glossy finish. Glossy veneer kitchen cabinets are a typical design staple in modern kitchens and are always in style. Their ability to reflect light expands the room and enhances lighting.

Features of A Modern Kitchen

Modern kitchen cabinets go beyond style to offer utility benefits. The versatile functionality is as viable for a full-family home as a single-person apartment. So no matter the size of your home, veneer modern kitchen cabinets can add to your home's interior style.

Easy To Maintain

The clean lines and open spaces of modern kitchen cabinets make them easy to maintain. In addition, modern layouts focus on minimalism, easing the cleaning process. Rather than tending to small accent pieces, the larger bare surfaces of modern kitchen cabinets are easier to declutter.

Timeless Kitchen Design Elements

Modern kitchens are always in style and can evolve with your cabinets. The natural colour palettes and geometric shapes of contemporary design are basic enough to complement any trend. Keeping your veneer cabinetry sleek will help your kitchen stand the test of time.


If you tire of the emptiness of modern kitchen cabinets, they are easy to customize. Accent pieces like sink fittings, lighting, wall decor, chairs, and a dining table can change the feel of your veneer cabinets. You won’t need to change everything about the room to incorporate new trends.

Colour Choices

Additionally, colour choices vastly change the feel of modern kitchen cabinets. Variations of whites and light beiges will brighten up a modern room. By contrast, darker colours such as black and hues of gray can make modern kitchens seem moody.

Add a pop of colour to your cabinets for a statement effect. Jewel tones are popular for modern kitchen cabinetry, as they work with matte and glossy veneer. No matter your colour choice, selecting the right modern kitchen cabinets will lock in the look.

Modern Kitchen Design in Toronto

Achieving modern kitchen design in Toronto is easy with Devix Kitchens. Their exquisite millwork and vast knowledge of modern kitchen cabinets make kitchen renovations easy. For superior home furnishings, Devix Kitchens is the only choice in Toronto.

Call Devix Kitchens at (647) 953-5316 to make an appointment and start working on the modern kitchen of your dreams.

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