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Kitchen cabinet Types: Frameless VS Framed.

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Generally, there are 2 different cabinet styles:

Frameless and Framed.

So what is The difference?

Framed kitchen cabinets

This is an example of traditional framed cabinets with insert doors: the doors are installed inside the frame = flush. Usually, they come with exposed hinges.

This is the most Luxurious type of cabinetry. It takes a lot more time AND skill to build a kitchen like that because frames and cabinets are joined together and Then painted as a one element.

There is no tolerance for mistakes - if something is off by 1/16'' - the doors will be scratching the frames while closing.

The installation is also very time consuming and requires tremendous amount of skill to do everything perfectly.

As a result of the above, traditional Framed cabinets are the most expensive cabinets on the market.

Modern frame-less kitchen cabinets

Frame-less kitchen cabinets on the other hand, are build completely differently.

Basically, its a cabinet and a door.

The doors are installed with concealed hinges mounted directly to the cabinet box - and together with matching side panels that create that Sleek modern look that many people like.

All modern style kitchens are based on frameless cabinets.

The frame is a separate piece made that is attached to the cabinet after spray-painting

different styles of kitchen cabinets

Read more about framed kitchen cabinets here

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