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7 Ideas for the Perfect Kitchen Renovation Layout

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

7 Ideas for the Perfect Kitchen Renovation Layout

If you are currently considering the layout of your kitchen cabinets, you must be in the middle of either a kitchen remodel or are constructing a home with a brand-new kitchen. Obviously, when you are constructing a home, you are beginning with a clean slate. However, when you are doing a kitchen remodel, you are hopefully rearranging your kitchen cabinets to make them work better for your needs. A new layout may help you utilize the space in your kitchen much better, so it feels as if it is larger.

7 Ideas for the Perfect Kitchen Renovation Layout

1. Combine Closed Cabinets with Open Shelving

There is no rule that states you must have either closed cabinets or open shelving in your kitchen. You can easily have a combination of the two if it will allow you to have more storage space. Placing a couple open shelves in an area that would otherwise be wasted space will allow you to create a functional space for your needs.

2. Create Two Rows of Upper Cabinets

Most homeowners like yourself have cabinets along the bottom of their kitchen, as well as along the top. However, those top cabinets often have wasted space on top where the cabinets end and the ceiling begins. While you could use that space to line up a few sentimental items, you could also use it to install an extra row of smaller cabinets. These kitchen cabinets can then be used for those dishes you don’t use that often throughout the year.

3. Install Cabinets Under Your Island’s Eating Area

Cabinets are often found underneath kitchen islands, but many people do not have them under the eating area as well. We recommend installing cabinets there, because it will allow you to have smaller cabinets that are more functional than the usual large and deep cabinets found in many islands.

4. Install Kitchen Cabinets Above appliances

If you are installing wall ovens, microwave ovens, or even a pantry, you will find that you have a lot of wasted space above each of those things. We recommend installing cabinets above those areas for even more storage space. We understand you won’t want to keep items that you use every single day in those cabinets. However, you can still use them for those items you only use a couple times a year. And it will prevent you from needing to find an additional storage space for those items outside your kitchen.

5. Utilize Those Smaller Spaces

That small area of space between the end of the dishwasher and a cabinet or the space between the sink and a cabinet can be used for pullout cabinets of all sizes. The smallest spice-rack pull-out is 3". These cabinets may only be big enough to hold spices or canned goods. However, you may find that you have enough space for a pullout cabinet that will hold your garbage can and recycling bin. The possibilities are endless with pullout cabinets and you won’t regret using every inch of space you have to install them all.

6. Install a Glass Door or Two on Kitchen Cabinets

You may be tempted to hide everything away behind the cabinets in your kitchen. But we want you to consider installing a glass door or two on your kitchen cabinets. A glass door can break up the monotony of a wall of cabinets, by creating a pop of color from what is stored inside. You can use those cabinets with glass doors to store some special items. We even recommend adding light to the inside of the cabinet to create visual appeal when the rest of the room is completely dark.

7. Add a Kitchen Cabinet or Two to Your Pass Through

The pass through that leads to your dining room or living area may look amazing when it is wide open. However, that shouldn’t stop you from adding a cabinet or two in that space. We do not recommend adding the cabinets to the top of the pass through, because that will make the area look small and unwelcoming. But adding a cabinet to the side and having it be accessible from both rooms is an excellent way to add functionality to this space.

These are seven ideas for the perfect kitchen cabinet layout. You obviously do not need to use all these ideas when you are considering changing the layout for your kitchen cabinets. But you can keep them in mind and use the ones that will make the most sense to you for all your kitchen needs. It is best to make these decisions prior to starting the work on your kitchen, because it will be too difficult to make changes once the cabinets have been installed once again.

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