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Devix Experience 

What makes a high-quality Kitchen?

Great Customer Service! 

You can count on me to get the best service. I'm gonna be here for you no matter what, with no unnecessary drama or conflict , and even if there is - I will handle it! 

If you are looking for a dependable person to execute your project , you just found one! I always, Always, ALWAYS do what I said I would.

Get Amazing Renovation Experience with Devix Kitchens.


You can define high-end kitchen cabinets as a combination of these factors:

  • Great Service and  Project Management

  • Quality materials

  • Quality workmanship

  • Quality installation

We got a unique 6-steps project management process to insure everything goes well and as planned

Devix Cabinet Construction

We use 3/4" thick material for all parts of the cabinet, including full 3/4" back.

Cabinet contruction.jpg
custom kitchen cabinets pantry organiser (1 of 1).jpg

Devix Side/Wall Fillers

All fillers, trim, etc are installed flush with the doors - it looks way better that regular recessed fillers.

Modern kitchen cabinets (3).jpg

Devix Details

There's some details that you don't see but they are very important!

Devix side panels always got finished bottom to prevent water damage.

Devix toe kicks also got finished bottom edge. 

Devix Features - Cabinet Construction

All Devix cabinets got fully finished ends - meaning that all exposed sides of the cabinets got applied panels that match the doors of the kitchen. Cabinet boxes are not visible anywhere - only fully finished parts are visible - doors, panels, trim, fillers, moldings, etc.

We do finished bottoms with integrated LED as standard. 

Flush  finished side

inset face frame display cabinet

Paneled side and finished bottom with LED 

Black kitchen cabinets (5).jpg

Paneled side and finished bottom with integrated  LED 

white oak kitchen

Devix Installation

Our very experienced installers will take care of the millwork installation. They know my quality standards and strictly follow it. I personally manage all the installations to insure that everything done properly. 

Also, our installers are great people to deal with: friendly, positive, knowledgeable, and they don't leave a mess. 

Modern kitchen cabinet installtion
Modern kitchen installtion in progress
Modern kitchen installation

Devix Drawers

Nice drawers do matter! Here's some real examples - all pictures - real work installed by Devix.

Walnut drawer boxes

Walnut cutlery inserts 

Legrabox drawer box

Face frame walnut drawers
Walnut luxury kitchen  (8).jpg

Fully finished dovetail drawers - with smooth joints and clear finish 


Beautiful cutlery insets (walnut on the pictures)


Devix Paint - Finish 

2K Polyurethane difference 

For painted, stained, or veneer cabinets we use a far superior finish called 2K Polyurethane, a finish that was mostly used  in aerospace, marine, and private jets millwork -  that require heat and chemical protection not normally considered 'necessary' in the home industry.

2K Polyurethane has superior stain, heat, moisture and solvent resistance, according to the Architectural Woodwork Institute, and my personal experience. This has a big impact, particularly in the kitchen. Excessive steam from a dishwasher or the inevitable waterworks from a sink don't affect the finish. 

It's also 100% formaldehyde free,  and comes in a variety of different sheens. 

This is a HUGE difference - compared to conversion varnish (CV) that most of shops/factories use.

Read this blog post about formaldehyde in conversion varnish and other cheap alternatives.

We use urethane finishes: polyurethane and acrylic - both catalyzed finish for superior durability. 

The difference is that for high-gloss or super matt (3% gloss or less) it is better to use acrylic. Polyurethane is better for  regular sheen like 10%-50% (matt ands semigloss)

italian paint.jpg

Devix Materials

As a custom shop, we offer unlimited options of Finishes and Construction Materials. 

Colors and finishes: any color matching any sample

Cabinet carcasses: Water-resistant plywood, antibacterial TFL, particle board

Doors: Solid wood, High Density Boards 

Drawer boxes: Solid walnut with dove-tailed joints, maple, or Blum Legrabox 

Door style: any

Devix Attention to Details

Clean reveal lines - perfectly flush doors and panels. Fillers and trim installed good, it takes time and skill. And can't be cheap.

Face frame cabinet

Devix Promise

I'm absolutely certain that you will not get a better service anywhere else and you will 100% happy with end results.  


You can count on me to get the best service. I'm gonna be here for you no matter what, with no unnecessary drama or conflict , and even if there is - I will handle it! 

I want  to get A referral from every client and every client from a referral so I can grow my business - and  be the best millwork shop in the GTA. Nothing can stop me.

Our portfolio

To view more projects click here

white oak veneer kitchen cabinets 1.jpg

Contact us

Factory showroom -486 Evans Ave -Unit 2

Office - 55 Bloor Street East Toronto, ON M4W 1A9

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