Modern Custom Kitchens

Different styles of modern kitchens 

What is a modern kitchen? 

I would say that it is a kitchen with flat doors with  high-gloss, super matte, or textured finishes.

In terms of hardware, modern kitchens tent to have a lot of drawers and pull-outs. This style is always great for a condo kitchen but also looks good in a house, like a big galley kitchen with an island in the center. Read my recent blog post about types of high-gloss doors. The main picture is a custom kitchen with textured Italian laminate doors and Caesarstone countertops.

Lets talk about materials:

  • High-gloss: glossy, mirror-like surface. There are several options for this finish. Its could be MDF door with acrylic laminate (the thicker the better) on one or both sides, glass laminate, high-gloss lacquer (common for Italian doors), aluminum frame doors with poly-glass or regular glass, and solid acrylic 3/4'' thick.

  • Matte: doesn't reflect any light at all. Two options here: laminate (ideally Italian) or matte lacquer 

  • Texture: textured laminates, stone veneers, and wood veneers

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing - Photo  (2).JP
Kitchen Cabinet Refacing - Photo  (1).JP

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